Help us to raise Funds for Staff Salaries during the Corona Crisis
And get a bottle of Summerfields unique Duke Gin delivered to your door at below retail price!

Like most people involved in Tourism and Hospitality industry in South Africa, Summerfields has suffered badly during the COVID-19 lockdown. Our staff have suffered hardship because with no income, we have battled to pay them.

Rather than lay off all the staff or under-pay them, we hit on an innovative way to raise funds and undertook an attempt to cycle 750 kilometres in 24 hours on static bikes (you may have seen these in the Tour de France when the cyclists warm up and down).  This attempt was made by a team of four – Andre, Ilse, Natia and Andries, in relay.  And we almost achieved it, covering the full 750 km in 27 hours. To appreciate the effort put into this “ride” have a look at the video below which was aired on Morning Live.

We asked for sponsorships of 50c, R1 or R2 per km – a donation of R 375, R 750 or R 1500.  But we didn’t just ask for donations.  In return, for any sponsorship, we offered to send a bottle, 2 bottles or 3 bottles of our craft Gin, Duke Gin, distilled on the farm, plus a small hamper of our macadamia nuts, to all contributors.  This offer means that you can get your Duke Gin at LESS THAN RETAIL PRICE, while helping to pay our staff.

The 750km challenge was done at short notice and we weren’t able to publicise sufficiently, so the response was disappointing.  So we’ve decided to extend the offer for a little while longer.  So you still have the opportunity to get your gin (and we’ll be able to deliver soon) at this great price.

Please help us to retain our staff and receive a real reward for your generosity.

For those donating 50c/km, we’ll send a bottle of DUKE SPORTSMAN, our traditional London Dry Gin.

For a R1/km donation, we will send you a bottle of both SPORTSMAN and DUKE ORIGINAL.

And for R2/km, we will add to these a bottle of our premium barrel-aged and navy-strength, award winning COPPER.  Three bottles of superb DUKE GIN.

And all contributors will receive a small hamper of our Summerfields macadamias.


To participate, simply click on a donate button below then, use using our eCommerce system to place your order(s) and give us your delivery address, then register or log in to OZOW to make EFT payment.  We will then have all the information to courier your gifts to you very soon.

Many thanks, we would love to meet with you on the farm sometime in the future.

Andre van Heerden

Donate Today:

I want to sponsor the ride for R 0.50/km (R 375.00) (and get a free bottle of Duke Sportsman)

I want to sponsor the ride for R 1.00/km (R 750.00) (and get a free bottle of Duke Sportsman + Original)

I want to sponsor the ride for R 2.00/km (R 1500.00) (and get a free bottle of Duke Sportsman, Original & Copper)