Duke Gin

On the slopes of Summerfields estate, nestled between stretches of lush subtropical vegetation, lies our bountiful litchi orchard. Hot, humid summers with thunderous rainstorms create the ideal climate needed to produce the sweet florallike flavours characteristic to the litchi fruit.

Duke is an exotically fragrant gin - traditional and tropical botanicals are gradually infused during distillation to produce a balance between sweet, fresh hints of rose, ginger and honey, and grounded, earthy tones of juniper berries and macadamia.

Our forever-faithful companion, Duke the Vizsla, reminds us that persistence and consistency are key to producing the perfect gin, every time.

Duke Gin, now rebranded as ‘Gin of the Lowveld’ now comes in 4 distinct varieties, Duke Original, Duke Sportsman, Duke Zero and Duke Copper.

And now, Sportsman London Dry Gin

Our unique, triple distilled Gins are produced from 'farm to bottle' and are fermented and distilled in small, hand-crafted batches - entirely on the estate, giving rise to the slogan the slogan ‘from farm to bottle’. Each bottle is lovingly signed as a tribute to its authenticity.

Unlike most traditional gins which simply import raw alcohol, Duke veers towards avantgarde through its utilisation of litchis to create a truly unique and flavourful gin.

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